Our Impact

Agri Exim was built on the idea of sustainability. In every step of our operational process, we ensure that we remain ecologically viable, which making contributions that make a difference to those around us.

More than just products

Social conscience is at the core of Agri Exim, and corporate social responsibility is integrated into our strategic management framework. We believe that we have a significant role to play in the communities in which we operate. Our workforce, both on the ground and in our offices, take cognizance of this role and use it as a powerful motivating force to succeed.

Our entire value system is built on three pillars of sustainability: economic, social and environmental.

We rely on an economic model that promotes the efficient and responsible use of resources to provide long-term benefits for farmers. For small and marginalized farmers collaborating with us, it guarantees the sale of their produce at a premium. The income security subsequently provided removes impoverishment by ensuring sustenance; promotes family welfare by enabling farmers to pay for their children’s education; and improves their credit profile by easing loan repayment burdens.



While the quality of our ingredients and sources of origin are a chief priority, what matters to us is the the overall development of the farmers who make this possible. We welcome farmers from all walks of life with varying levels of farming experience, and try to make a difference by giving them an active role in our operational process. We’re also committed to putting lesser known but competent organic farmer communities on the map and augmenting their social status – by promoting the social well-being, health and livelihood of stakeholders and reforming their way of living. In doing so, we encourage social integration and improve the quality of life for farmer populations. We also advocate the education of girls in our project areas where Agri Exim has a presence, and encourage parents in our communities to understand the importance of education as a valuable tool.

We believe in conserving the environment in all its natural glory, by eliminating the use of chemicals, GMOs, herbicides, pesticides from the farming practice. Our commitment to resource conservation is reflected in our collaboration with organic & natural food growers investing in eco-friendly methods. It is also reflected in our constant endeavor to stay updated with sustainable farming techniques and practices. Our methods help convert inorganic to organic lands and restore unused or infertile lands by enhancing the quality of soil. This further enriches the products grown on it, and positively contributes towards the ecosystem’s balance. We use our knowledge to educate marginalized farmers in improving farm productivity through responsible, time-tested farming practices, and making more efficient use of agricultural inputs, water and irrigation.