Agri Exim’s global operational process strives to be as transparent as possible – from the sourcing at the grassroots to the final shipment of the final product – to ensure the manufacturing of the best quality organic products.

With its headquarters in Dubai, Agri Exim has a vast ground force working tirelessly across five countries – Uganda, Ethiopia, Philippines, The Netherlands, and the US – to source the best quality organic produce. Currently we are directly working with over 25,000 marginal farmers in these countries, across 1,00,000 acres of certified agriculture land. We employ a widespread system to explore small and marginal farmers and tribal belts that grow organic products, and then conduct rigorous due diligence across the board. This includes thorough research and feasibility studies to identify individual farmers and farmer groups that traditionally grow organic products, and understanding their short-term and long-term goals. We work with the farmers at every step, guiding them on general farming practices, training them on Good Environmental Practices (GEP) and building capacity. The results are 100% organic produce, along with an increase in the farmers’ yields.

Our processing facilities in Uganda process the finest cocoa, soybeans, sesame seeds and vanilla, along with our newest project, natural cotton. We work closely with our farmers in Ethiopia to source the highest quality soybeans, and our vast BRC-certified operations in Philippines process all coconut products. We work with our partners, Suminter India Organics, in India to produce and process high-quality raw cane sugar. Despite the global scope of our operations, attention to detail is paramount and our project team and sales force work tirelessly to ensure consistency and accountability. This results in customized, high-quality organic food processing that meets every need, backed with the traceability of every single lot.

We maintain distribution centers across strategic locations in California, New Jersey, Belgium and the Netherlands. Innovative warehousing and distribution processes maximize efficiencies and contribute to consistently timely deliveries. The distribution hubs are manned by a specialized workforce with the know-how to manage such facilities.

Our commitment to quality is backed by substantial investments in high-tech testing equipment and trained quality assurance professionals. Our fully-fledged QA team operates a dedicated in-house laboratory to guarantee food safety. Guided by HACCP and BRC principles, they test for all physical, microbial and chemical parameters. They don’t stop there – to support in-house testing, Agri Exim conducts tests at world-renowned laboratories. The result is consistently high-quality organic products, each time.